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Structure of the network

NanoWal ruler

As described on the scheme below, the NanoWal network has a kind of "shell-like" organization.

"Core" members

They are the heart of the network. They have a clear expertise in the field of  nanotechnologies certified by publications in international journals, research projects,  ... They also actively participate to the activities of the network by contributing  to at least two of the three "pillars". Presently, more than 60 academic members from FUNDP, UCL, ULB, Ulg, UMH compose the "core" of the network.

"Associated" members

These members are interested in nanotechnologies and are ready to contribute to one of the "pillars". This kind of membership is especially intended for academics, research centers or companies that do not have yet clearly identified activities in nanotechnologies but are interested to enter this field and, therefore, want to gain know-how and expertise by participating to the activities of the network.

"Steering committee"

The network is managed by a steering committee whose main task are the general organization of the network and the regulation of members admittance. It is composed of a President and three representatives from each universities from Wallonia and Brussel (FUNDP, UCL, ULB, ULg, UMH). The President chooses a Secretary among the representatives.