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Activities of the network

General presentation

To meet its objectives, the NanoWal network develops activities based on the three following "pillars":

NanoWal activity structure

  • Sharing competencies:
    • every member should have access, through the network, to advices from experts in the field.
  • Sharing equipments:
    • collaboration should be promoted between academic research teams to share large and expensive equipment facilities in order to avoid their multiplication;
    • collaborative agreements should also be developed between academic teams and industrial companies to allow the access of research facilities to the industry.
  • Training:
    • conferences, seminars, and education programs, based on multi-disciplinarity approaches, should be organised to have a better training of students, scientists, researchers, and industrials,
    • actions should be taken to promote knowledge transfer to the Wallonia industry.

Present achievements

Up to now, the network realized the following actions:

  • Since 2003, six thematic workshops, "NanoWal Days", were organized on various subjects. These workshops are presented in the "NanoWal Days" tab of the menu.
  • Under the impulse of NanoWal members a doctoral school was created: the FRS-FNRS Graduate School on Science and Engineering of Materials, Interfaces, and Nanostructures, MAIN.
  • Thanks to collaborations between severals research groups of the network, the clean-room facilities were completed renewed. The Wallonia Infrastructure for Nano Fabrication, WINFAB, was officially inaugurated in the presence of Mrs Marie-Dominique SIMONET, Minister for Research and New Technologies at the Wallonia Region.
  • Since September 2008, and also under the impulse of the members of NanoWal, an Inter-university Master in Nanotechnologies has been created.
  • NanoWal was present on the AWEX booths at the
    • NSTI NanoTech 2006 Conference and Trade Show in Boston in May 2006
    • NanoTech 2007 Conference and Trade Show in Tokyo in February 2007
    • NSTI NanoTech 2009 Conference and Trade Show in Houston in May 2009
      Belgian booth NanoTech2009
    • NanoTech 2010 Conference and Trade Show in Tokyo in February 2010
      Wallonia booth NanoTech 2010