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Announcement of recent advances in nanotechnologies

European Nanomedecine Map

Built in collaboration with the ETPN and partners of the NANOMED2020 project, the European Nanomedicine Map is now officially released, providing thorough insights into the existing nanomedicine community and new networking possibilities.

The NanoMed Map together with many more information are available on the ETPN website at:

New book: Fundamentals of Picoscience

One picometer is the length of a trillionth of a meter. Compared to a human cell of typically ten microns, a picometer is roughly ten million times smaller. The 37-chapter book describes far-reaching experimental picometer-scale techniques, including electron and neutron holographic microscopy, spin-sensitive atomic-scale imaging, attosecond electron orbital mapping, adaptive holographic interferometry, atomic-resolution transmission electron microscopy and many others. Fascinating opportunities for nanomedicine, biomolecular engineering and proteomics are described in the book.

1st Nanomedecine Award

The 1st Nanomedicine Award aims to reward European projects that have developed innovative solutions based on nanomedicine that can ultimately change the way diseases are treated or diagnosed and that could provide new tools for physicians and large benefits to patients.

Entries for nomination are open until September 7th.

Projet FP7 ProNano: Accompagnement à la commercialisation de résultats de recherche dans les nanotechnologies

ProNano –Un soutien Européen au transfert de technologie dans les Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Nanomatériaux et Nanoprocédés

Contrat cofinancé par le 7ème Programme Cadre de la Commission Européenne (DG RTD) et ZABALA (ES),
FRAUNHOFER (DE), GLE (UK), i.con.innovation (DE), iCons (IT), InvestorNet-Gate2Growth (DK), Orion
Innovations (UK), SODENA/FIDENA(ES), Technofi (FR), TECHNOSTART (DE)

Marcel de Merre Prize in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

Université catholique de Louvain announces the biannual Marcel de Merre Prize in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies.

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